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Equinox Transmission

23rd September 2023

with Jen McCarty

Dearest beloveds,

the equinox transmission will take place at 8.08 pm UK time on the 23rd of September (this year, the equinox falls on the 23rd of September).

Yesterday, when I was at Saint Paul’s Cathedral, marvelling over the Tartarian phenomena that it is, I received a download from the Galactic Council of Light about the equinox transmission. We are being guided to free the unicorn, which is the emblem of the British coat of arms. This is a very deep symbology that has been designed to keep humanity entrapped in duality and matrix identification,

we are being guided to work deeply with the heart of the city of London, where there is a very powerful stone connected to Excalibur.

This stone has been locked away and the meaning of the stone has been denied to humanity.

All of this has kept human consciousness locked in the third-dimensional frequency bandwidth.

We are going to be activating an extraordinary protocol in the City of London to release the unicorn, which is symbolic of implementing into the collective consciousness field the truth that the heart rules over the head in every instance,

for all those that participate in this powerful ceremony. Please know that we are also going to be activating an extraordinary twin flame blessing working with the London stone, and we are going to be activating and anchoring 144,000 twin flame unions in the City of London, where we will all experience a phenomenal unified dance on the higher realms in order to implement the true love codes into the powerful, layline point of the City of London.

this is going to be the most extraordinarily powerful and important blessing for all those on the twin flame path - to anchor their union on this very, very potent grid point, and this all part of the divine prophecy that we are all fulfilling.

In the equinox transmission, we are also being guided to upgrade of the spiritual crown that we are wearing, working with the upgraded crown into our auric field.

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23rd September 2023

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