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Embark on a journey of self-discovery, and spiritual evolution with the journey to union; this book holds the key to unlocking the codes and memories within your consciousness that leads to enlightenment, sacred union and deep contentment.

The Journey To Union Audio

Jenny McCarty explores the twin flame journey in the context of our spiritual evolution, providing readers, with extraordinary clarity, and courage, to move towards their destiny of sacred union, with the divine beloved most swiftly and gracefully as possible.

The twin flame path is the gateway to full ascended consciousness, and understanding of oneness, with all beings in the Multiverse journey to union dives, deep into various aspects of the twin flame, self-mastery journey, including the runner, and chase a dynamic, the significance of a vulnerability called winding and powerful manifestation techniques, transcend your dualistic programming and discover what the twin flame represents this book is a must-read for anyone seeking to deepen their spiritual connection and find true union with the twin flame join jenny mccarty on this sacred journey and unlock the secret to your sacred union.

Passage from book

From the one spark that fractals off at the moment of individuation, the spark fragments into an androgynous unit of masculine and feminine energy polarised in equal measure. This is known as the soul spark. On the journey towards further fragmentation, the masculine and feminine electromagnetic energies within the spark split and individuated into two separate individual forms, forever being one, having one central core. The return of these polarised fragments is known as the journey to union, which is what this book is about.

It is about the brave choice that we made to split and individuate as separate masculine and feminine polarised vessels to experience duality and material consciousness in masculine and feminine forms, with the great purpose of returning to each other in one moment, to never leave each other's side ever again.

One spirit, two souls.

Message from author

Journey to union

This book, the journey to Union, is the sequel to my first twin flame book, twin flames and the event. This is a compelling book which shares in great detail. The experience twin flames have as they get closer and closer to physical union with their divine counterpart, the words in this book, I like sacred nectar, which transforms one's consciousness and alchemises one's consciousness on a profound level. You will never be the same again after reading this powerful book.