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LIVE NOW: 'The Manifesting Abundance Self-Love' Challenge
[Dates: MONDAY 12Th June - FRIDAY 16th June @ 5:00 PM GMT]

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Discover Your Path to Manifesting Abundance in Just 5 Days!

(Are you ready to embark on a transformative journey of self-discovery and embrace the beautiful essence of abundance through self-love? ) 

Challenge Starts In:



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The Power of The Manifesting Abundance Self-Love 5-Day Challenge:

The 5-Day Manifesting Abundance Self-Love Challenge is an immersive experience that will ignite your self-love journey, providing you with the tools, guidance, and support you need to transform your relationship with yourself. 

Over the course of five inspiring days, you will:

  • Understand what self love is: This five day challenge will completely demystify what it truly means to love yourself, setting you on the path of your greatest healing and success.
  • Understand the importance of practising love towards the self: This five day challenge will imprint upon your consciousness. The necessity for committedly, loving yourself.
  • ​Practical tips to transform your relationship with yourself: This is a challenge will give you life changing tips that you can apply immediately that will change your life
  • ​Meditations that will connect you with self-love:  in this challenge, you will be given the chance to experience some of Jen's most powerful meditations that she has ever shared
  • ​The importance of inner child work and self love: This five day challenge will completely demystify working with you in a child. You will be offered life changing skills to be able to hear you're in a child.

Why Join the Challenge?

By joining our 5-Day Manifesting Abundance Self-Love Challenge, you will experience a remarkable transformation in your relationship with yourself within a short period. 

Here's what you can expect:

  • Expert Guidance: Our team of self-love experts will guide you through each step of the challenge, providing valuable insights, practical exercises, and personalized support to ensure your success.
  • Community Support: Connect with like-minded individuals who are on the same journey as you. Share your experiences, gain inspiration, and cheer each other on throughout the challenge and beyond.
  • Lifetime Access: Gain lifetime access to our exclusive online community and resources, allowing you to revisit the challenge materials and continue your self-love journey at your own pace. (Included VIP Package Only)
  • BONUS Materials:  As a special bonus, you will receive additional resources, including e-books, self-love affirmations, and a personalized self-care toolkit, designed to enhance your self-love practice.
  • ​Lasting Results: By the end of the challenge, you will have a solid foundation of self-love practices, empowering you to continue your journey towards a more fulfilling and joyous life.

More About Me

Jen McCarty

Jen McCarty is a leading luminary in the ascension and twin flame community. She teachers and guides pioneering and leading changemakers in the spiritual community. Jen experienced a life changing kundalini awakening aged 21 in the Himalayas in northern India chanting the mantra Om Namah Shivaya from that moment she passed over the threshold from 3D consciousness to stabilising into 5th dimensional consciousness. She is now in her 40's and has devoted her whole adult life to the spiritual awakening path, mastering many many disciplines along the way…..

She specialises in working with the law of attraction or law of attunement as she calls it, demystifying Ascension and answering the question what is it and how does one ascend, Twin flame reunion and the removal of the roadblocks that stand in the way of that, and she is an awakened spiritual teacher, deeply and highly skilled at facilitating a space for all those who she comes into contact with her, to awaken fully spiritually. she explains this using the analogy of a candle….”when a candle is lit it is very very easy to light other candles.”

She has been working quite specifically with the twin flame community recently but her skills are vast and varied…. she can help you bring in greater levels of abundance, greater health and well being, weight loss, and alignment with your soul's highest destiny. She has been granted access to the Akashic records through the purification of her own personal ascension process, which enables her to bring forth potent wisdom in order to assist you in successfully completing the lessons you incarnated to master. She has a phenomenal track record in uniting many many twin flames, assisting them to connect with their multidimensional aspect, and activating the hieros gamos, the inner alchemical marriage of the masculine and feminine energies within, and very skilfully identifying and removing all blocks that stand in the way of triumphant Twin flame Union.

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'The Manifesting Abundance Self-Love' Challenge Will Walk You Through Step-By-Step

Introducing our life-changing 5-Day Manifesting Abundance Self-Love Challenge, designed to guide you towards a deeper Level of Abundance Through The understanding and appreciation of yourself. 

...This Is Your Invitation To Break Free From Self-Doubt, Embrace Your Worth, And Unleash Your Full Potential!

5-Day Manifesting Abundance Self-Love Challenge Program:


Understanding the Essence of Self-Love

Today, we'll unravel the true meaning of self-love. Many mistakenly believe that self-love is merely engaging in activities like yoga, adopting a vegan lifestyle, or enjoying massages. While these practices contribute to self-care, they won't lead to a profound spiritual and vibrational transformation. To experience that level of growth, you must truly grasp the concept of self-love.

Self-love begins with recognising that you possess the power to uplift yourself mentally, emotionally, and spiritually. It's about acknowledging the presence of a benevolent creator, often referred to as God, who has designed you to be the caretaker of your inner child.

  • Reflecting on your beliefs and values
  • ​​Identifying self-limiting beliefs and patterns
  • ​​Practicing self-reflection through journaling
  • ​​Setting intentions for your self-love journey
  • ​​Understanding the power of self-awareness


Exploring Self-Love

Today, we will delve into the concept of self- love and explore what it truly means to you. Grab your journal and get ready for a transformative exercise that will allow you to access profoundly deep levels of self-love on a subconscious level.

  • Recognizing negative self-talk patterns
  • ​​Challenging and reframing negative thoughts
  • ​​Creating affirmations for self-love and self-acceptance
  • ​​Practicing self-compassion and self-forgiveness
  • ​​Embracing a mindset of self-encouragement and kindness


Mirror Reflection

Today, look deeply in your eyes in the mirror. For the first minute do not say anything, just simply look and observe whatever feelings come up for you in this process. After a minute, repeat affirmations such as, "I see you. I've got you. I'm always here for you. I love you."

  • ​Understanding the importance of self-care
  • ​Designing a personalized self-care routine
  • ​Exploring different self-care activities (e.g., meditation, bath rituals, nature walks)
  • ​Creating a self-care toolkit for daily practice
  • ​Committing to consistent self-care habits


Connecting With Your Inner Child

Today, we will focus on nurturing our inner child, the eternal aspect of our consciousness. Our inner child is always present within us, whether we consciously acknowledge it or not. Unfortunately, many people tend to neglect their inner child and disregard its needs. However, when we establish a strong connection with our inner child, it brings us peace, happiness, stability, and bliss. So, let's dive into today's challenge!

  • ​Recognizing the importance of authenticity
  • ​Embracing your strengths, passions, and quirks
  • ​Letting go of the need for external validation
  • ​Expressing yourself authentically in relationships and interactions
  • ​Cultivating self-acceptance and self-expression



In this chapter, I would like to guide you on a very beautiful and deep meditation to assist you in connecting with your deepest inner most self remembering that the inner is a reflection of the outer, and the outer is a reflection of the inner -they are inseparable

  • Understanding resilience and its role in self-love
  • ​Cultivating self-compassion during setbacks
  • ​Practicing gratitude and reframing challenges
  • ​Developing coping strategies for self-care during difficult times
  • ​Creating a personal resilience plan for ongoing growth

Each day of the challenge will include a mix of educational materials, guided exercises, journaling prompts, and opportunities for self-reflection. You will have access to a supportive online community where you can engage with fellow participants, share insights, and receive guidance from our team of self-love experts. Get ready to embark on an empowering journey towards self-love!

Why Self-Love Matters?

In a world that often focuses on external validation, practicing self-love has become more important than ever. When you truly love yourself, you radiate confidence, attract positive experiences, and foster healthier relationships. Self-love empowers you to prioritize your needs, set boundaries, and embark on a journey of personal growth and fulfillment.

Join the 5-Day Manifesting Abundance Self-Love Challenge Today!

Invest in yourself and embark on a life-changing journey towards manifesting abundance through self-love.  

It's time to release self-doubt, embrace your uniqueness, and cultivate a deep and unshakeable love for yourself.

Are you ready to discover
the incredible power of self-love?

BeforeThe Challenge

  • ​Self-doubt and lack of self-confidence
  • ​Negative self-talk and self-criticism
  • ​Difficulty setting boundaries and prioritizing personal needs
  • ​Seeking external validation for self-worth
  • ​Feeling disconnected from one's authentic self
  • ​Struggling to bounce back from setbacks and challenges
  • ​Limited self-care practices and neglecting personal well-being

AfterThe Challenge

  • ​Increased self-confidence and belief in oneself
  • ​Positive self-talk and self-empowering beliefs
  • ​Improved ability to set boundaries and prioritize self-care
  • ​Embracing inner validation and self-worth
  • ​Living authentically and celebrating individuality
  • ​Cultivating resilience and bouncing back stronger
  • ​Consistent self-care practices and prioritizing personal well-being

Here’s Everything You Get

When You Sign Up For The
'Manifesting Abundance Self-Love' Challenge!

  • Greater self-awareness and understanding of personal thoughts, emotions, and behaviours
  • ​​Enhanced self-acceptance and self-compassion
  • ​​Improved relationships and communication with others
  • ​​Increased joy, fulfilment, and satisfaction in life
  • ​​Embracing personal growth and continuous self-improvement
  • ​​Feeling empowered to embrace one's dreams and passions
  • ​​Cultivating a deep and unshakeable love for oneself


  • SELF-LOVE MEDITATION!  Unlock the power of true self-love with our transformative meditation practice. While many may see self-love as simply practicing yoga, meditation, or maintaining a vegan diet, we understand that true self-love goes much deeper. It means acknowledging and healing the wounded child within us that did not receive the care and attention it deserved. It means becoming a loving parent to your inner child and protecting them from toxic relationships and situations.

    With our meditation practice, you'll develop a powerful sense of self-love and vigilant boundaries, which will shift your holographic experience of reality. You'll master the ability to say "No" to toxic situations and set firm boundaries, making Mother-Father God very happy. As you shift your perspective to see yourself through the eyes of unconditional love, you'll realize that you are worthy of everything - love, honor, respect, and validation.

    Say goodbye to old patterns of allowing others to take advantage of you and welcome in a new reality of true self-love and empowerment. This meditation practice is the key to unlocking a powerful and optimum relationship with Mother-Father God. Start your journey to true self-love today.

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5-Day Virtual Event: 'Manifesting Abundance Self-Love' Challenge!


Thursday 8th June to Monday 12th June
@ 17:00 PM GMT


Join our 5-Day Manifesting Abundance Self-Love Challenge and experience a transformative journey that will elevate your self-love, self-worth, and overall well-being. Take the first step towards a life filled with confidence, authenticity, and self-empowerment.

Now’s The Time To Act!

Join the 5-Day Self-Love Challenge Today!

Invest in yourself and embark on a life-changing journey towards self-love. It's time to release self-doubt, embrace your uniqueness, and cultivate a deep and unshakeable love for yourself. Are you ready to discover the incredible power of self-love?