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Solstice Transmission

Dearest beautiful brothers and sisters,

Greetings of the most high. We come forward now in this moment of your time with much news to share with you, ever-evolving humanity. The 6:6 portal has been extremely important in terms of clearing a timeline of unworthiness, which specifically plagued the divine masculine consciousness. In the 6:6 ceremony, we went back to the time of Atlantis and transformed the manipulation that took place within humanity's collective consciousness, which created it such that the divine masculine was riddled with shame, guilt and a deep feeling of unworthiness.

There are no words that can adequately describe how powerful and life-changing the ceremony was for all of us involved, and so much so that many people actually received contact from their divine counterpart during and after that transmission.
In all my years of hosting transmissions, I have never experienced such a high level of contact being activated from divine counterparts through simply doing this amazingly powerful ceremony.

It's crucial for us to grasp the significance of the 6:6 portal as the precursor to the energetic gateway of the solstice. Presently, the energies are swiftly advancing towards the solstice portal, gaining momentum along the way.

As the Sun aligns at the Tropic of Cancer, we get to experience a moment of union and a brief moment whereby the 3rd dimensional realm steps out of duality and into union consciousness, as symbolised by the Sun reaching its highest peak in the Tropic of Cancer, and then beginning its descent back down the ecliptic wheel.

We are currently on the eve of the powerful summer solstice in the Northern Hemisphere of 2023. The summer solstice is an extraordinarily heightened peak day within the ecliptic cycle, and the Schumann resonance is reflecting the potency of this day. If you have not checked out the Schumann resonance recently, I highly recommend it.

My interpretation is that the quality of light quotient pouring forth from Galactic Central into our sun, our solar logos, is unlike any patterning we have ever known before. It feels much lighter and brighter. This is deeply connected to the influx of solar codons specifically targeted towards the divine masculine consciousness. The summer solstice gateway will open up a portal for the higher father solar codes to pour into humanity's DNA, targeting the divine masculine.

There has been a huge agenda at the very core of creation to corrupt and manipulate the yin and yang patterning. There has been an agenda to create a yin and yin patterning and a yang and yang patterning, causing untold corruption and confusion with polarity and gender on planet Earth. We are going to work with the solstice energies to deeply and profoundly correct this distortion at a core cellular level.

It is absolutely imperative that the ground crew show up on their grid points on this powerful and potent day to participate in world ceremonies that will assist in the correction of these heinous timelines. All those who participate in this great work will have the opportunity to heal their own vibrational polarity, which is a fundamental aspect of successful twin flame unification.

It is my deepest prayer that you send this to five people in your community to let them know that a very powerful and auspicious sacred ceremony is taking place tomorrow at 8:08 PM UK time. We need as many brothers and sisters on their grid points at that time tomorrow to ensure that we can correct this dark and insidious program and remove it entirely from the collective consciousness grid of humanity.

I trust deeply that you will all be there, serving humanity, serving your ancestral lineage, and serving God within and without.

I love you.
Love, Jen

ZOOM DETAILS - 8pm 21st June 2023